The Working Centre Linux Project: User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Basic Tasks
Before You Start
Booting Your Computer
Powering Up Your Computer
POST: Power On Self Test
GRUB Screen
The Linux Boot Process
Logging in at a prompt
Using the IceWM Desktop
The Toolbar
The Program Menu
Show Desktop Button
Quick Launch Buttons
Status Indicators
The Clock
Working With Windows
Shutting Down Your Computer Safely
Other Ways to Shut Down Your Computer
A Few Things You Need to Know About Linux
User and Administrative Accounts
Files and Directories
Moving Files To and From Floppy Disks
2. Running Applications
Productivity Software
The AbiWord Word Processor
The XFE File Manager
Internet Software
Web Browsers
The Gaim Instant Message Client
The Ace of Penguins Suite
3. Safe Computing
Protecting Your Files From Data Loss
Handling files safely
Using Your Computer Responsibly
Scheduling Your Computer Time
Controlling Your Computer Expenses
Safe Computing On the Internet
E-mail Safety
Web Safety
Avoiding Online Breakins
Ergonomic Considerations
4. Finding Documentation and Help
Local Documentation
In-Application Help
HTML Documentation
Manual Pages and TkMan
Info Pages and TkInfo
Documentation directories
Other Help Resources
Linux User Groups
Web Searches
Internet Forums
Realtime forums
5. Administrative Tasks
Your Friend the Command Line
Starting the Command Line
Shell Prompt Information
Command Line Tips and Tricks
Common Commands
Becoming the root user
Using su to change your identity
Running graphical utilities as root
Some Administrative Tasks
Changing the Date and Time
Changing file permissions and ownership
Adding users
Managing autologins
Managing software
Important files and directories
Finding Information About Your Computer
Physical Identification
Software tools
The /proc filesystem